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Clique Construction Portal

The Clique Construction Portal allows you to visually track the construction progress of your co-living investment, in real-time! Never wonder what stage your Clique is at with to-the-minute updates and detailed task completion tracking software, allowing you to stay up to date without having to ask.

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What is the Clique Construction Portal?

The Construction Portal will reduce the amount of communication traditionally required throughout the typical home construction process due to its automated milestone updates. This is designed for efficiency on-site and better communication to you, the Clique owner.

It provides you with real-time access to the construction status of your Clique home, throughout the entire build. The portal opens up every progress component so that you have full visibility over your investment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here at Clique, we believe in full transparency and the construction portal is evidence of that commitment to our investors.

How to Use Clique Construction Portal?

Here’s how you access the Clique Construction Portal.

Upon the contract going unconditional, our system automatically generates a username and password which is sent to you. When you receive it, you’ll be prompted to login.

Now that you have access, here how it works:

  • Upon successfully logging in, you will land on the “My Jobs” page.
  • Here you can see the overall progress of your Clique Home.
  • Click the line item of your Clique home, using the button on the right.
  • Here on the ‘job details page’, you will find everything there is to know about your Clique. 
  • For all construction documentation – click the Documents tab. This is where all relevant documents will be kept for this job; all in one, handy and secure location for easy access and retrieval.
  • To view photos from the construction site, go back to the job details page and click photos. Supervisors take regular photos on their phones and upload them directly to the portal, so the photos you see are in real-time.
  • To view construction progress details, go back to the job details page and click Activities. From soil test, to slab down through to electricals wired – the Clique Construction Portal gives you a live feed from the site about your investment’s progress.
  • We’ve built the Clique Construction Portal to better your experience, making it as transparent and stress-free as possible. 

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