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4 bedroom design, with 3 fully ensuited bedrooms with additional secured storage allows 3 independent tenants to enhance the way people live together. The fourth bedroom acts as an additional living space for one of the bedrooms, whereas the other two get preference of the two garaged parking spots.


Double garage is allocated to two of the tenants, whereas the third tenant receives an extra living space inside the home. This design minimises any friction around value for money issues between tenants.


Working closely with the builder, the Clique team have a strong feedback loop to ensure that the homes are designed around what tenants want and need. This process ensures a world-class living experience is continually delivered for those looking for a shared style of life.


The kitchen is the heart of a coliving home, and when designed & managed correctly the kitchen allows each tenant to have a sense of security and freedom around the way they choose to store, cook, eat and clean. With dedicated lockable pantry’s in the kitchen tenant and a large fridge, the tenant can uphold and independent lifestyle while benefiting form the the benefits of coliving.


The laundry has been designed to allow maximum usability for each tenant, along with general house rules around laundry etiquette. This ensures that the equipment stays clean and mechanically sound while providing minimum downtime to the tenant.


High on the wish-list for tenants is storage. Typically a tenant will be forced to rent a small storage facility nearby, however with Clique providing dedicated, lockable storage we save the tenant money and as a result, increase the longevity of each tenancy.

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