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We’re not re-inventing the wheel,
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Up to 5 lockable, fully ensuited bedrooms with additional secured storage allows 5 independent tenants to reside in this highly desirable home. With a variety of floorplans to suit varying land sizes for multiple tenants, a Clique is designed to enhance the way people live together.


Double garage that attracts a premium in the weekly rental price, or, can be converted to a multi-purpose room depending on the relevant floor plan design


Tenant feedback is at the heart of the Clique design and this is clearly evidenced with the design outcomes. Having interviewed hundreds of occupants of one-bedroom apartments & shared homes, the Clique design delivers world-class and never seen before accommodation.


The kitchen layout provides practical functionality, allowing multiple tenants the ability to cook at any time. With an oversized stone benchtop and seating for 5 people the kitchen, the kitchen draws tenants together to build a sense of community and belonging.


The laundry has been designed with duplicate washing machines and dryers to improve the day to day liveability of the home, and unlike a typical shared home, each occupant is afforded a dedicated lockable pantry that includes a fridge.


High on the wish-list for tenants is storage. Typically a tenant will be forced to rent a small storage facility nearby, however with Clique providing dedicated, lockable storage we save the tenant money and as a result, increase the longevity of each tenancy.


Liveability is at the core of a Clique design. With high ceilings and timber look floors, the multiple living areas are in keeping with a luxury home. Spacious indoor living areas flow seamlessly to undercover outdoor areas, inviting residents to spend time together or find a quiet space.


Completing the wish-list for tenants’ liveability is the built-in barbeque and lawn area. With a sense of community being at the core of shared living, the communal space provided by Clique promotes lasting relationships between tenants.


Upstairs, each tenant has a lockable storage linen cupboard and each of the five spacious, lockable bedrooms has its own temperature control with air-conditioning. Privacy to each resident is assured through acoustic treatment between both living areas and to each bedroom.

How we choose a
Clique Location

Capital Growth

Most residential property investments that are made are usually made within a strategy that promotes high rates of capital growth. A Clique can blend in with the family home that it will be built next to, the capacity for capital growth is maximized. The added number of bedrooms and ensuites can have a positive impact re-sale values if a sale was ever necessary.

Rental Demand

We will only suggest locations that display strong indications of demand from tenants looking for share accommodation, or, fitting the mold of someone looking to rent, who could utilise a single bedroom. As a complete service, our Clique Concierge team needs to be comfortable and confident about the demand in the area because the success of their team relies on it.

Council Regulations

As part of a rigorous due-diligence and research program, Clique have identified where you can build a Clique and what planning and construction specifications need to be adhered to, for a Clique to be compliant.

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